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Anita et Henri, propriétaires du gîte JADEN KREYOL

recommended by Anita & Henri, owners of the cottage  JADEN KREYOL

Anita is Guadeloupean by birth and Henri has been Guadeloupean by adoption for over 30 years. We have both worked extensively in incoming tourism in Guadeloupe and have been able to do many excursions and activities. We also sailed together throughout the Caribbean aboard our sailboat. So, for your vacation in Guadeloupe, we would like to recommend some boat trips.

An island being surrounded by water, a boat trip during your vacation in Guadeloupe is a must to discover the beauties of the island with its beautiful waters. Whether it is to go to one of the outbuildings like Les Saintes or to the lagoon of the large marine cul-de-sac, the possibilities are multiple. By small pleasure or fishing motor boat, by passenger transport boat with regular inter-island connections, by sail, etc. We have selected for you a few outings that we liked, and whose starting point is in Lowland. Here again, the advantage of choosing a vacation rental with a central location like JADEN KREYOL seems obvious.

Gite Jaden Kreyol à LamentinThe JADEN KREYOL lodge (Creole garden) is ideally located to limit the distances for your visits on the island

Lagoon and mangrove boat tour Guadeloupe

The most popular boat tour is probably the Blue Lagoon tour in the "grand cul-de-sac marin" lagoon, departing from Sainte-Rose. The half-day format is enough to have an unforgettable time for a reasonable budget while limiting the risk of sunburn, which is more significant during a day trip at sea. This outing, which is both educational and friendly, takes place in small groups of a maximum of 12 people, departing from Sainte-Rose, from the fishing port of Morne-Rouge. If you are already a small group, you also have the possibility of doing a private boat tour. It allows you to discover all the variety of landscapes that Guadeloupe offers by taking you through the mangrove, the rise of a river with very rich flora, the lagoon with its turquoise waters and its coral islets... Starfish , rays, turtles and other reef fish are available to you while sailing or during well-chosen stops commented by the captain. If your budget allows it and you want a whole day, the full day tour in the lagoon is also possible, and includes lunch on board, anchored in front of a deserted islet. The return from the afternoon or full day outing takes place at sunset, a very pleasant atmosphere to experience at sea.

Balade en bateau guadeloupe  excursion bateau mangrove guadeloupe  coucher de soleil en guadeloupe 

Sailboat excursion Guadeloupe

If a sailing adventure tempts you, we have three options for you. First of all, if you have never sailed, we recommend the sailboat tour in the lagoon from the large marine cul-de-sac, departing from Baie-Mahault. Protected by a coral reef; the lagoon is a calm and windy body of water, ideal conditions for a pleasant trip aboard a 10-meter monohull sailboat, in a small group. On the other hand, we advise you to plan the full day instead because a sailboat is slower than a motor boat, but offers much better sailing pleasure, non-polluting and silent. Well, this is the unconditional sailor of the sailboat who is speaking! But the half-day sailboat tour is also offered according to your preference.

The two other options that I offer you take place in Les Saintes, whose magnificent bay would be the third most beautiful in the world after Ha-long Bay in Vietnam and Rio Bay in Brazil. So if you have planned an outing to Les Saintes, why not go there by sailboat? The second option for a trip to the lane consists of going to Les Saintes by sailboat, in offshore navigation mode, departing from Gourbeyre, very close to the town of Basse Terre. The crossing by monohull sailboat takes around two hours. If the first half hour of navigation is done quietly in the lee of Basse Terre, you should expect a little more sporty navigation in the Canal des Saintes, also depending on the weather conditions of course. Feel the offshore wind in the sails and on your face, admire the coast of Guadeloupe and the approach to Les Saintes by sea, take part in the maneuvers and, with a little luck, a tuna or sea bream will bite well on the line trolling that the captain will have thrown behind the boat. A silboat excursion to Les Saintes will sure be an unforgettable moment if you love the sea and adventure.


Finally, third option, if you decide to take a ferry to Les Saintes from Trois-Rivières, you can take advantage of your day to spend the afternoon at sea and you learn to sail on a small catamaran, with a qualified sailing instructor. A pleasant and informative way to visit the Baie des Saintes by sea.

If one of these outings tempts you, you can have more information and book by clicking on the links in the text of this page.

Ferry to Saintes

If you are staying in Basse Terre and want to go to Terre-de-Haut in Saintes, it is in your best interest to embark for Les Saintes from Trois-Rivières. Compared to leaving Pointe-à-Pitre, the journey is shorter (30' instead of an hour) and less expensive (25€ instead of 45 for an adult). The CTM DEHER company offers two departures in the morning, at 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. If you book in advance, by telephone or online, you benefit from a €2 discount.

A boat also leaves from Basse-Terre at 12:15 p.m. to Terre-de-Haut, three times a week. It is mainly used by Saint residents who go shopping in town, with a departure from Terre-de-Haut to Les Saintes in the morning at 5:45 a.m.

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Boat rental Guadeloupe

If you have a boat license, you can also rent a boat in Guadeloupe. We recommend you for this Gwada Boat, in Sainte Rose which has several very well equipped boats. Be aware, however, that the lagoon is full of shoals and that the risk of hitting what our sailors call a "coral patch" is great if you don't know the area well. Of course the on-board GPS is a navigation aid, but as a car rental friend would say,  “Caution = a lot of precaution” :-). In addition, the tour commented by a guide is a real added value for discovering this very rich natural environment.

So, I hope these tips will help you choose the boat trip that suits you best.

Have a good ride and... pwan pyé a zot! (have fun)

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