Travel with a wheelchair in Guadeloupe

Accessible sites in Guadeloupe

We offer you an interactive map which lists the sites, activities, restaurants, beaches, waterfalls, etc. accessible in Guadeloupe... without forgetting the toilets.

Enlarge it by clicking on the full screen icon, then click on the pictograms for details and geolocation. You will surely need an adapted car in Guadeloupe.

To properly prepare for your trip, get the Tetra Trip guide "Guadeloupe in a wheelchair" recommended below.

Adapted car

With a ramp for the transport of people in wheelchairs, or in driving adapted for drivers... of vehicles from private to private.

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Trekking for disabled

Martine, a mid-mountain guide, and her team of volunteers take you to the rainforest in a joelette.

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 The "Tetra Trip" guide

Released in 2019, this guide lists in detail all the accessible sites, tips and tricks. To download in E-book or to order in paper version.

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